Finpeda Virtual Space features

Browser-based metaverse


FVS is browser-based metaverse and brings easy way for anyone to access solution with their own device. Having simply way to share solution for all users means efficiently scaling and distribution.


FVS is safe and secure. Authentication for users makes possible to control access and detect rights. Content is saved reatime and locking prevents any unwanted modifications.


FVS is cloud-based and scales efficiently along business needs from small teams to entire organization. Having easyway to link multiple virtual spaces takes full advantage of metaverse.

FVS features

FVS metaverse supports hybride work models and real time communications and document sharing


Realistic avatars are present when entering to space. With all functionality build in they are ready to interact as a part of a virtual team or peers. Personalization of avatar gives flexibility to add own identity.


Virtual spaces are created with templates which are easy to personalize from wide set of library items. 3D asset libraries contains variety of ready made models to utilize.


Users can communicate within the virtual space via text or voice chat. Both public and private channels can be used and teams can work through collaborative files to share content.

Digital twins

FVS enables virtualizing and connecting any amount of meeting rooms, offices and training environments. Flexibility to simulate actual spaces as digital twins takes hybrid working models to reality.

Shared presence

FVS creates a sense of shared presence by having realistic 3D assets in a virtual environment. In addition of traditional working, ability to share content and highlight information, hybrid models are reality for remote teams.


FVS contains services to efficient way manage layouts, add content and access rights. Support of content drag and drop takes process easy and fast.

Create your own

FVS metaverse

Finpeda brings FVS platform for both business and education use. We focus on global markets and scales with cloud based approach. FVS takes training and business solutions to metaverse in minutes. We take traditional 2D approach to interactive 3D spaces. We are ready to help you on digital transition. Contact us to learn more more about the FVS metaverse platform.

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