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Metaverse defines a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. The metaverse is digital environment that uses augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). 

Easy meeting and team collaboration over the Internet. Everything happens live and in-real time.

Metaverse allows multiple usecases from online education to remote precense in business solutions.

Finpeda Virtual Space is browser-based 3D metaverse platform for virtual training and business. FVS provides tools for users to work, solve problems, research or learn in a virtual team in an engaging and effective project space. FVS extends the meaning of a traditional working and learning through multi-user working, training and learning environments and simulations.

Users can simply open a browser on their device, log in, and join the virtual space right away.

FVS is a browser based and optimized for Chrome web browser. A stable reasonable fast internet connection is needed for the best experience of product. For using voice chat and video meetings, headset and web camera is needed. 

Avatar is used to move around the virtual space. In FVS movement is made simply by using arrow keys on the keyboard. You can also move the avatar to a specific spot in the virtual space by double-clicking with the left mouse button. 

In FVS Avatar will jump when you press the spacebar. Avatar will fly when you press the F key. When you press the spacebar while avatar is flying, it will go up. When you press the C key, avatar will come down. Avatar will land on the ground and end flight mode when you press the C key. Movement from one space to another is done by teleporting, either with the map and location tool or from the personal teleporting platform.

The users are represented by realistic and customisable avatars. The avatars are used to interact as a part of a virtual team or peers. Your avatar is able to act, communicate and collaborate with other
avatars in real-time. There is a primary default avatar that you can edit:

  • gender
  • child or adult
  • body tone
  • eye colour
  • hair style and colour
  • clothing
  • shoes

Please contact us at fvs(at)finpeda.fi or use contact form.

You can find us at fvs(at)finpeda.fi or use the contact form.

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FVS metaverse

Finpeda brings FVS platform for both business and education use. We focus on global markets and scales with cloud based approach. FVS takes training and business solutions to metaverse in minutes. We take traditional 2D approach to interactive 3D spaces. We are ready to help you on digital transition. Contact us to learn more more about the FVS metaverse platform.

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