FVS metaverse is virtual space for business meetings. Metaverse business is 3D-based platform. Join meetings with browser.

FVS Metaverse for business

FVS supports a wide range of activities across diverse industries.

Access anytime

Just like offices, virtual environments are always there; but unlike physical offices, they are not tied to a certain location nor operating time. FVS metaverse is ready for training setups and virtual access to any remote worker or visitor.

Digital twin

Having virtual access from anywhere in the world, at any time expand operating hours and brand value. Virtual spaces can mimic the environment that’s already familiar to their users, providing both familiarity and human context to their users.

Brand presence

Taking company to metaverse results 24/7 operational mode. Using metaverse on training, marketing and selling along with showrooms and product displays builds brand visibility.

New ways to utilize

Diverse industries are actively taken to metaverse to drive business. Digitalization of businesses, products, meetings and training approaches on virtual environments increase productivity and time-to-market.

Metaverse business platform

Finpeda Virtual office

Virtual office

FVS metaverse bring digital twins - like a real office, for global teams to work in hybrid work mode at the same realistic virtual workspace.

The participants communicate and work together via their own avatar – in real time. Having company and products in a virtual 3D space instead traditional web page creates more personal feeling, authentic touch and immersive experience for any visitors.

Transforming customer experience from Webpage browsing and chatbots to realtime interactions through avatars in 3D virtual space gives company activities, products and projects 24/7 visibility.

FVS virtual training lobby area.

Virtual training

Transforming real environments to 3D virtual spaces in FVS metaverse allows to train staff or clients with life-like experiences.

Simulations of actual space with products and operations in place results realistic behavior and accelerates learning. Connected with training paths and e-learning courses with certificates takes training approaches efficient to setup and reuse.

Anytime access gives freedom to run and participate courses from any location or at any time gives time savings and accelerates training processes.

FVS virtual meeting.

Virtual meeting

Meet with your colleagues, customers, networks, project partners or organize a meeting and invite participants to the same virtual space.

Meetings at FVS metaverse does not require travelling and are more relaxed and less tiring in a virtual space, where there are always visible some participants movements, new information or actions.

For directors, board members, operating teams or workgroups 3D virtual space offers a unique situation to keep all data visible and updated real-time.

Visual content sharing bring new means to meet, present, develop or analyze current and valuable business information - with anytime access.

Create your own

FVS metaverse

Finpeda brings FVS platform for both business and education use. We focus on global markets and scales with cloud based approach. FVS takes training and business solutions to metaverse in minutes. We take traditional 2D approach to interactive 3D spaces. We are ready to help you on digital transition. Contact us to learn more more about the FVS metaverse platform.

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