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FVS metaverse education facilitates 21st century learning among both young students, as well as adult learners. The features of FVS support particularly K-12 learning, vocational training and research-based university studies. Combining virtual technologies and pedagogy models FVS brings future of hybrid learning environments.


FVS metaverse business is ready solution for company to create training setups and virtual access to any remote worker or visitor. Ways to utilize metaverse expands easy way to virtual meetings, product displays and active sales collaboration. In practise trational 2D web approach is transformed to 3D virtual environment and active collaboration.


FVS metaverse exhibition takes products and spaces online with the digital twin approach making virtual environment to look like a physical one. The virtual showrooms and exhibitions through FVS enable the visitors to get immersive experience and in-depth views. Having online digital twin expands users access to 24/7.

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Finpeda brings FVS platform for both business and education use. We focus on global markets and scales with cloud based approach. FVS takes training and business solutions to metaverse in minutes. We take traditional 2D approach to interactive 3D spaces. We are ready to help you on digital transition. Contact us to learn more more about the FVS metaverse platform.

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