Finpeda Virtual Space - Metaverse exhibition

FVS Metaverse For Exhibition

The virtual exhibitions through FVS enable the visitors to get immersive experience.

Realtime showroom

FVS metaverse takes exhibitions, trade shows, and fairs easy to launch and access with simple browser-based approach.


Virtual environments are able to extend visibility and active lifecycle considerably by remaining there even after the event is over, without taking up any physical space.

Immersive experience

The virtual exhibitions through FVS metaverse enable the visitors to get immersive experience and to understand the products and services in-depth.

Active online

Product displays, shows and stands can make the virtual exhibition to look just like a physical one having look and feel of real stands with live presentation and ways to collect business cards.

Metaverse exhibition platform

Virtual showroom

Virtual exhibition

Traditional exhibitions, trade shows, and fairs have one thing in common: short shelf life. With FVS metaverse exhibition is always available before during and after the actual event. The hall and all stands are rendered out to real physical dimensions to simulate real exhibition center operations.

With access to product showcases, live presentations, private meetings and virtual tours inside the event creates life-like experience without wasting time for travelling.

Virtual exhibition works the same way as live exhibitions - to meet potential customers, highlight products and collect business cards, except that you can visit at any time, from anywhere.

Virtual product

Virtual showroom

Today, virtual events and meetings are becoming extremely popular and have become an integral part of every business worldwide. Organisations that never imagined arranging virtual events and meetings are transforming their live physical events into a virtual environment.

FVS metaverse takes showrooms to digital era with public and private zones - your own showroom for presentations or personal avatar-to-avatar meetings.

Finpeda Virtual Space - Metaverse exhibition

Virtual product

FVS metaverse takes product visually available for any visitor to experience in 3D format. Having also virtual space around the product with pictures, media screens or posters and possibility to furnish the space simulates real context around the product and helps on upselling.

FVS metaverse bring total flexibility to associate virtual material or presentations that can contain a variety of media to increase visibility and adaptation for product offering.

Create your own

FVS metaverse

Finpeda brings FVS platform for both business and education use. We focus on global markets and scales with cloud based approach. FVS takes training and business solutions to metaverse in minutes. We take traditional 2D approach to interactive 3D spaces. We are ready to help you on digital transition. Contact us to learn more more about the FVS metaverse platform.

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