Finpeda virtual space is a browser-based 3D virtual space where users can communicate, collaborate and explore the virtual world together.

Virtual 3D social and interaction platform

Finpeda virtual space is a browser-based 3D virtual space where people can communicate and collaborate in real time, in other words a networked common operating space. In our learning environment users are represented by customizable, persistent avatars. Users can communicate via tools which enable them to chat using either text messages or voice. FVS is also integrated with Google Drive, allowing users to create new documents, import existing ones, or upload material to their own Google Drive.  

Finpeda Virtual Space exhibition metaverse


Finpeda virtual space has no complex technological requirements, and is ready to use with just a device and an Internet browser, saving the time and money of the IT department as no extra software installation or hardware setup is required.


The use of Finpeda virtual space in learning and development extend to three verticals: education, business and exhibitions. Apart from educational purposes FVS can also be used for business and to conduct virtual exhibitions.

Frequently asked Questions

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